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This is the local embassy on the Thai Wikipedia. More embassies in other languages and interwiki discussions may be found at meta:Wikimedia Embassy.

Thai Wikipedia Embassy & Guestbook for non-Thai speakers


[ENGLISH] This page is designed for non-Thai editors to discuss Wikipedia-related cross-project coordination. Messages can be given in various languages. See also: Babel users in other languages.

Here you can ask:
  • Thai Wikipedia-related information, such as statistics, and suggestions
  • Thai translation to English or other languages, such as, but not limited to, French, or vice versa.
  • Thailand-related information or photographs
  • For international issues, simply post here.
  • For account rename request, please visit this page.
  • For bot flag request, please visit this page.

[FRANÇAIS] Cette page de discussion est destinée à ceux qui ne parlent pas le thaï et souhaitent intervenir pour discuter de tout ce qui touche à la Wikipédia en thaï ou demander de l'aide. Les messages peuvent être écrits en thaï ou en anglais. Voir aussi : Ambassade sur meta ou utilisateurs babel dans d'autres langues.

  • Pour demander un renommage de compte, merci d'aller ici.
  • Pour les demandes de bot-flag, merci de lire cette page.

N'oubliez pas de signer votre message et de préciser comment vous contacter. Vous pouvez aussi demander de l'aide en langue thaï ici-même.
Qui peut m'aider ?User:Mutation, User:Rukterna, User:Toutou (Utilisateurs thaïs pouvant contribuer avec un niveau avancé de français).

[DEUTSCH] Dies ist eine Diskussions-Seite für Benutzer, die nicht Thai sprechen/lesen können. Hier kann alles diskutiert werden, was im Zusammenhang mit der Thai-Wikipedia steht. Es kann auch um Hilfe gebeten werden. Wenn möglich, sollten Nachrichten in Thai oder Englisch verfasst werden, es gibt jedoch auch Benutzer, die Französisch, Deutsch, Chinesisch, Pali, Vietnamesisch oder Lao verstehen.
Siehe auch: Wikimedia-Botschaft in Wikimedia Meta, Angemeldete Nicht-Thai Benutzer.

  • Ein Antrag zur Änderung eines Benutzer-Kontos kann hier gestellt werden, Anfragen zu Bot-Flags bitte auf dieser Seite.
  • Bitte signiere Deine Nachricht und/oder gib Deine Kontaktdaten an.

Wer kann mir helfen?User:Phat, User:Pim, User:Voraprachw (Thai Benutzer mit fortgeschrittenen Deutschkenntnissen) ; User:Ahoerstemeier, User:Hdamm (Deutschsprachige Benutzer mit grundlegenden Thaikenntnissen)

กรุ: หน้าปัจจุบัน
1, 2, 3, 4

Only one week left for Individual Engagement Grant proposals![แก้]

(Apologies for using English below, please help translate if you are able.)

There is still one week left to submit Individual Engagement Grant (IEG) proposals before the September 29th deadline. If you have ideas for new tools, community-building processes, and other experimental projects that enhance the work of Wikimedia volunteers, start your proposal today! Please encourage others who have great ideas to apply as well. Support is available if you want help turning your idea into a grant request.

I JethroBT (WMF), Community Resources 04:01, 23 กันยายน 2558 (ICT)

Reimagining WMF grants report[แก้]

(My apologies for using English here, please help translate if you are able.)

Last month, we asked for community feedback on a proposal to change the structure of WMF grant programs. Thanks to the 200+ people who participated! A report on what we learned and changed based on this consultation is now available.

Come read about the findings and next steps as WMF’s Community Resources team begins to implement changes based on your feedback. Your questions and comments are welcome on the outcomes discussion page.

With thanks, I JethroBT (WMF) 23:56, 28 กันยายน 2558 (ICT)

VisualEditor News #5—2015[แก้]

Elitre (WMF), 01:17, 31 ตุลาคม 2558 (ICT)

Community Wishlist Survey[แก้]

Community Tech Team via MediaWiki message delivery (พูดคุย) 04:57, 10 พฤศจิกายน 2558 (ICT)

Wikimania 2016 scholarships ambassadors needed[แก้]

Hello! Wikimania 2016 scholarships will soon be open; by the end of the week we'll form the committee and we need your help, see Scholarship committee for details.

If you want to carefully review nearly a thousand applications in January, you might be a perfect committee member. Otherwise, you can volunteer as "ambassador": you will observe all the committee activities, ensure that people from your language or project manage to apply for a scholarship, translate scholarship applications written in your language to English and so on. Ambassadors are allowed to ask for a scholarship, unlike committee members.

Wikimania 2016 scholarships subteam 17:47, 10 พฤศจิกายน 2558 (ICT)

Wikiproject Erasmus Prize Winners[แก้]

Dear fellow wikipedians,

My apologies for using English here, please help translate if you are able.
Wikipedia has been awarded the Erasmus Prize 2015. This prize is awarded annually to a person or institution that has made an exceptional contribution to culture, society or social science. The King of the Netherlands will present the award on 25 November. This will create media attention which will hopefully result in plenty of new volunteers. Prior to the award ceremony we would like to write and improve articles on former Erasmus Prize winners. All 80 former laureates should be notable enough to merit an article.

Please join the project and help us provide our fellow laureates with articles.

Sincerely, FrankTMeijer and Taketa (พูดคุย) 00:14, 13 พฤศจิกายน 2558 (ICT)

Harassment consultation[แก้]

Please help translate to your language

The Community Advocacy team the Wikimedia Foundation has opened a consultation on the topic of harassment on Meta. The consultation period is intended to run for one month from today, November 16, and end on December 17. Please share your thoughts there on harassment-related issues facing our communities and potential solutions. (Note: this consultation is not intended to evaluate specific cases of harassment, but rather to discuss the problem of harassment itself.)

Regards, Community Advocacy, Wikimedia Foundation

Your input requested on the proposed #FreeBassel banner campaign[แก้]

This is a message regarding the proposed 2015 Free Bassel banner. Translations are available.

Hi everyone,

This is to inform all Wikimedia contributors that a straw poll seeking your involvement has just been started on Meta-Wiki.

As some of your might be aware, a small group of Wikimedia volunteers have proposed a banner campaign informing Wikipedia readers about the urgent situation of our fellow Wikipedian, open source software developer and Creative Commons activist, Bassel Khartabil. An exemplary banner and an explanatory page have now been prepared, and translated into about half a dozen languages by volunteer translators.

We are seeking your involvement to decide if the global Wikimedia community approves starting a banner campaign asking Wikipedia readers to call on the Syrian government to release Bassel from prison. We understand that a campaign like this would be unprecedented in Wikipedia's history, which is why we're seeking the widest possible consensus among the community.

Given Bassel's urgent situation and the resulting tight schedule, we ask everyone to get involved with the poll and the discussion to the widest possible extent, and to promote it among your communities as soon as possible.

(Apologies for writing in English; please kindly translate this message into your own language.)

Thank you for your participation!

Posted by the MediaWiki message delivery 21:47, 25 November 2015 (UTC) • TranslateGet help

Community Wishlist Survey[แก้]

MediaWiki message delivery (พูดคุย) 21:38, 1 ธันวาคม 2558 (ICT)

New Wikipedia Library Accounts Available Now (December 2015)[แก้]

Hello Wikimedians!

The TWL OWL says sign up today!

The Wikipedia Library is announcing signups today for, free, full-access accounts to published research as part of our Publisher Donation Program. You can sign up for new accounts and research materials from:

  • Gale - multidisciplinary periodicals, newspapers, and reference sources - 10 accounts
  • Brill - academic e-books and journals in English, Dutch, and other languages - 25 accounts
  • Finnish Literature Society (in Finnish)
  • Magiran (in Farsi) - scientific journal articles - 100 articles
  • Civilica (in Farsi) - Iranian journal articles, seminars, and conferences - 50 accounts

Many other partnerships with accounts available are listed on our partners page, including EBSCO, DeGruyter, and Newspaperarchive.com. Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects: sign up today!
--The Wikipedia Library Team 01:01, 11 December 2015 (UTC)

Help us a start Wikipedia Library in your language! Email us at wikipedialibrary@wikimedia.org
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Get involved in Wikipedia 15![แก้]

This is a message from the Wikimedia Foundation. Translations are available.

International-Space-Station wordmark blue.svg

As many of you know, January 15 is Wikipedia’s 15th Birthday!

People around the world are getting involved in the celebration and have started adding their events on Meta Page. While we are celebrating Wikipedia's birthday, we hope that all projects and affiliates will be able to utilize this celebration to raise awareness of our community's efforts.

Haven’t started planning? Don’t worry, there’s lots of ways to get involved. Here are some ideas:

Everything is linked on the Wikipedia 15 Meta page. You’ll find a set of ten data visualization works that you can show at your events, and a list of all the Wikipedia 15 logos that community members have already designed.

If you have any questions, please contact Zachary McCune or Joe Sutherland.

Thanks and Happy nearly Wikipedia 15!
-The Wikimedia Foundation Communications team

Posted by the MediaWiki message delivery, 03:58, 19 ธันวาคม 2558 (ICT) • Please help translate to your languageวิธีใช้

Password Strength RFC[แก้]


We have started an RFC on meta to increase password requirements for users that have accounts which can edit MediaWiki:Common.js, have access to checkuser or have access to Oversight.

These types of accounts have sensitive access to our sites, and can cause real harm if they fall into malicious hands. Currently the only requirement is the password is at least 1 letter long. We would like to make the minimum be 8 letters (bytes) long and also ban certain really common passwords.

By increasing requirements on passwords for accounts with high levels of access, we hope to make Wikimedia wikis more secure for everyone. Please read the full text of the proposal here, and make your voice heard at the RFC.

Thank you

Please help translate to your language

(On behalf of the WMF security team) BWolff (WMF) (พูดคุย) 20:53, 22 ธันวาคม 2558 (ICT)

VisualEditor News #6—2015[แก้]

Elitre (WMF), 07:06, 25 ธันวาคม 2558 (ICT)

Wikimania 2016 Scholarships - Deadline soon![แก้]

Please help translate to your language

A reminder - applications for scholarships for Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, Italy, are closing soon! Please get your applications in by January 9th. To apply, visit the page below:

Patrick Earley (WMF) via MediaWiki message delivery (พูดคุย) 08:49, 5 มกราคม 2559 (ICT)

2016 WMF Strategy consultation[แก้]

Please help translate to your language

Hello, all.

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) has launched a consultation to help create and prioritize WMF strategy beginning July 2016 and for the 12 to 24 months thereafter. This consultation will be open, on Meta, from 18 January to 26 February, after which the Foundation will also use these ideas to help inform its Annual Plan. (More on our timeline can be found on that Meta page.)

Your input is welcome (and greatly desired) at the Meta discussion, 2016 Strategy/Community consultation.

Apologies for English, where this is posted on a non-English project. We thought it was more important to get the consultation translated as much as possible, and good headway has been made there in some languages. There is still much to do, however! We created m:2016 Strategy/Translations to try to help coordinate what needs translation and what progress is being made. :)

If you have questions, please reach out to me on my talk page or on the strategy consultation's talk page or by email to mdennis@wikimedia.org.

I hope you'll join us! Maggie Dennis via MediaWiki message delivery (พูดคุย) 02:06, 19 มกราคม 2559 (ICT)

The visual editor is coming to this wiki[แก้]

Norwegian-road-sign-110.0 (fluorescent).svg

Hello. Please excuse the English. Please help translate to your language. Thank you!

Hi everybody,

My name is Erica, and I am a Community Liaison at the Wikimedia Foundation. I'm here to let you know that the visual editor is coming to editors at this Wikipedia soon. It allows people to edit Wikipedia articles as if they were using word processing software.

You don't have to wait until the deployment to test it; you can test the visual editor right now. To turn it on, select "Beta" in your preferences. Choose "VisualEditor" and click save. When it is enabled, you will press the "แก้ไข" button to edit an article in the new software. To use the wikitext editor, you can press "แก้ไขต้นฉบับ".

After the deployment, everyone will automatically have the option to use either the visual editor or the current wikitext editor. For more information about how to use the visual editor, see mw:Help:VisualEditor/User guide.

More information about preparing for the visual editor is posted here.

Thank you, and happy editing! --Elitre (WMF) (talk) 01:29, 6 กุมภาพันธ์ 2559 (ICT)

Reminder: the visual editor is coming to this wiki soon[แก้]

Twemoji 23f0.svg

Hello again. Please excuse the English. Please help translate to your language. Thank you!

This is a reminder that the visual editor is coming to all editors at this Wikipedia soon. As of this writing, the team is not aware of any issues specific to this language that should prevent the new software to be deployed here; therefore, please do let us know if you find any problems instead. You can report issues in Phabricator, the new bug tracking system or on the central feedback page on MediaWiki.org. There is a short guide at mediawiki.org that you can follow (as if it was a "checklist") to learn about the community work necessary to adapt the visual editor, and its referencing system in particular, to your community's needs.

If you can translate from English into this wiki's language, or know anyone who can, please follow the links below; just a little effort is required to make this language progress toward translations' completion! You'll help your community get the best possible experience when it comes to interface messages and documentation related to the visual editor. After you click on any links, your language should be available from the drop-down menu on the right. Once you've selected it, you'll see the document in English side by side with any translation work already done in your language. You can add new translations or modify existing ones. The interface is hosted at https://translatewiki.net; you'll need an account if you never translated there before. The other pages are at Mediawiki.org, for which you can use your regular Wikipedia account. You're welcome to contact me personally whenever you need help.

Thank you for your cooperation, and happy editing! --Elitre (WMF) (talk) 23:35, 26 กุมภาพันธ์ 2559 (ICT)

VisualEditor News #1—2016[แก้]

Elitre (WMF), 02:21, 27 กุมภาพันธ์ 2559 (ICT)

Completion suggestor[แก้]

- User:CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 05:09, 8 มีนาคม 2559 (ICT)

New Wikipedia Library Accounts Available Now (March 2016)[แก้]

Apologies for writing in English. Please help translate to your language

Hello Wikimedians!

The TWL OWL says sign up today!

The Wikipedia Library is announcing signups today for free, full-access accounts to published research as part of our Publisher Donation Program. You can sign up for access to research materials from:

  • Cambridge University Press - a major publisher of academic journals and e-books in a variety of subject areas. Access includes both Cambridge Journals Online and Cambridge Books. 25 accounts.
  • Alexander Street Academic Video Online - a large academic video collection good for a wide range of subjects, including news programs (such as PBS and BBC), music and theatre, lectures and demonstrations, and documentaries. 25 accounts.
  • Baylor University Press - a publisher of academic e-books primarily in religious studies and the humanities. 50 accounts.
  • Future Science Group - a publisher of medical, biotechnological and scientific research. 30 accounts.
  • Annual Reviews - a publisher of review articles in the biomedical sciences. 100 accounts.
  • Miramar Ship Index - an index to ships and their histories since the early 19th century. 30 accounts.


  • Noormags - Farsi-language aggregator of academic and professional journals and magazines. 30 accounts.
  • Kotobna - Arabic-language ebook publishing platform. 20 accounts.


  • Gale - aggregator of newspapers, magazines and journals. 50 accounts.
  • Elsevier ScienceDirect - an academic publishing company that publishes medical and scientific literature. 100 accounts.

Many other partnerships with accounts available are listed on our partners page, including Project MUSE, De Gruyter, EBSCO, Newspapers.com and British Newspaper Archive. Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects: sign up today!
--The Wikipedia Library Team 03:30, 18 มีนาคม 2559 (ICT)

You can host and coordinate signups for a Wikipedia Library branch in your own language. Please contact Ocaasi (WMF).
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Open Call for Individual Engagement Grants[แก้]

IEG barnstar 2.png

Please help translate to your language:

Greetings! The Individual Engagement Grants (IEG) program is accepting proposals until April 12th to fund new tools, research, outreach efforts, and other experiments that enhance the work of Wikimedia volunteers. Whether you need a small or large amount of funds (up to $30,000 USD), IEGs can support you and your team’s project development time in addition to project expenses such as materials, travel, and rental space.

With thanks, I JethroBT (WMF) 22:47, 31 มีนาคม 2559 (ICT)

No editing two times this week[แก้]

มูลนิธิวิกิมีเดียจะทำการทดสอบศูนย์ข้อมูลใหม่ล่าสุดที่ตั้งอยู่ในแดลลัส การทดสอบนี้จะทำให้วิกิพีเดียและวิกิอื่น ๆ ของวิกิมีเดียยังสามารถออนไลน์อยู่ได้หากเกิดภัยพิบัติ เพื่อให้มั่นใจว่าทุก ๆ สิ่งใช้งานได้ แผนกเทคโนโลยีวิกิมีเดียจำเป็นต้องจัดแผนการทดสอบ การทดสอบนี้จะช่วยให้เห็นว่าพวกเขาสามารถสับเปลี่ยนจากศูนย์ข้อมูลหนึ่งไปยังศูนย์อื่นได้อย่างไว้วางใจ ซึ่งจำเป็นต้องใช้ทีมหลายทีมจัดเตรียมการทดสอบและเพื่อให้สามารถแก้ไขปัญหาที่คาดไม่ถึงต่าง ๆ

พวกเขาจะสับเปลี่ยนการจราจรข้อมูลทั้งหมดไปยังศูนย์ข้อมูลใหม่ในวันอังคารที่ 19 เมษายน
และในวันพฤหัสบดีที่ 21 เมษายน พวกเขาจะสับเปลี่ยนกลับมายังศูนย์ข้อมูลหลัก

โชคไม่ดีนัก ด้วยข้อจำกัดบางอย่างในมีเดียวิกิ การแก้ไขทั้งหมดต้องถูกระงับระหว่างการสับเปลี่ยนศูนย์ข้อมูล เราต้องขออภัยในความไม่สะดวก และเราจะทำงานให้น้อยที่สุดในอนาคต

คุณจะยังสามารถอ่านวิกิทั้งหมด แต่ไม่สามารถแก้ไขได้ ภายในระยะเวลาอันสั้น

  • คุณจะไม่สามารถแก้ไขได้ประมาณ 15 ถึง 30 นาทีในวันอังคารที่ 19 เมษายน และวันพฤหัสบดีที่ 21 เมษายน เริ่มตั้งแต่เวลา 14:00 UTC (21:00 ICT, 16:00 CEST, 10:00 EDT, 07:00 PDT)
  • ถ้าคุณลองแก้ไขหรือบันทึกระหว่างช่วงเวลาเหล่านี้ คุณจะเห็นข้อความแสดงความผิดพลาด เราหวังว่าการแก้ไขจะไม่สูญหายไปในระหว่างนั้น แต่เราก็ไม่สามารถรับประกันได้ ถ้าคุณเห็นข้อความแสดงความผิดพลาด กรุณารอจนกว่าทุกสิ่งจะกลับเข้าสู่ภาวะปกติ จากนั้นคุณควรจะสามารถบันทึกการแก้ไขของคุณได้ แต่พวกเราแนะนำว่า คุณควรจะคัดลอกการเปลี่ยนแปลงของคุณไว้ก่อนเป็นอันดับแรก ในกรณีเช่นว่านั้น

ผลกระทบอื่น ๆ:

  • งานที่ทำในเบื้องหลังจะช้าลง และงานบางอย่างก็อาจจะตกไป ลิงก์สีแดงอาจไม่ได้ปรับปรุงอย่างรวดเร็วเหมือนภาวะปกติ ถ้าคุณสร้างบทความที่ถูกเชื่อมโยงในที่อื่นเรียบร้อยแล้ว ลิงก์นั้นจะยังคงเป็นสีแดงต่อไปนานกว่าปกติ สคริปต์บางสคริปต์ที่ทำงานมาเป็นระยะเวลานานจะต้องหยุดการทำงาน
  • โค้ดจะหยุดทำงานในสัปดาห์ของวันที่ 18 เมษายน โค้ดที่ไม่จำเป็นจะไม่เปิดให้ใช้งาน

การทดสอบนี้เดิมวางแผนไว้ให้กระทำเมื่อวันที่ 22 มีนาคม กำหนดการใหม่คือวันที่ 19 และ 21 เมษายน คุณสามารถอ่านกำหนดการที่ wikitech.wikimedia.org พวกเขาจะประกาศเวลาที่แน่นอน สำหรับโหมดอ่านอย่างเดียวของวันที่ 19 และ 21 เมษายน ในกำหนดการดังกล่าว จะมีการแจ้งเตือนเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับการทดสอบนี้ กรุณาแบ่งปันข้อมูลนี้ในชุมชนของคุณ /Johan (WMF) (พูดคุย) 05:57, 18 เมษายน 2559 (ICT)

Wikipedia to the Moon[แก้]

Hello! Sorry that this is in English only, but we are using village pump messaging in order to reach as many language communities as possible. Wrong page? Please fix it here.

This is an invitation to all Wikipedians: Wikimedia Deutschland has been given data space to include Wikipedia content in an upcoming mission to the Moon. (No joke!) We have launched a community discussion about how to do that, because we feel that this is for the global community of editors. Please, join the discussion on Meta-Wiki (and translate this invitation to your language community)! Best, Moon team at Wikimedia Deutschland 22:35, 21 เมษายน 2559 (ICT)

Machine translation support enabled today for Content Translation[แก้]

Hello, machine translation support for Content Translation (beta feature) has now been extended and enabled for users of Thai Wikipedia using Yandex. It can be used when translating Wikipedia articles into Thai with Content Translation. To start using this service, please choose ‘’Yandex.Translate’’ from the ‘’Automatic Translation’’ dropdown menu that you see on the sidebar after you start translating an article. Please note, machine translation is available from all the languages that are supported by Yandex.Translate, but Content Translation can still be used in the usual manner for translating from all languages, with or without machine translation support.

Wikimedia Foundation’s Legal team and Yandex had collaborated earlier to work out an agreement that allows the use of Yandex.Translate without compromising Wikipedia’s policy of attribution of rights, privacy of our users and brand representation. Since November 2015, Yandex machine translation has been used for articles translated for Wikipedias in many languages. Details about Yandex translation services, including a summary of the contract are available on this page. More information about the machine translation services in Content Translation is available on this page. We request you to kindly take a look at these pages.

We have tested the service for use on the Thai Wikipedia, but there could be unknown problems that we are not aware of yet. Please do let us know on our Project Talk page or phabricator if you face any problems using Content Translation. This message is only in English and we will be very grateful if it could be translated into Thai for other users of this Wikipedia. Thank you. On behalf of WMF Language team: --KartikMistry (พูดคุย) 20:24, 27 เมษายน 2559 (ICT)